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This Glossary of Pumps is from ALL ABOUT PUMPS by Russell D. Hoffman. All entries are animated in the CD-ROM version of ALL ABOUT PUMPS (entries with asterisks are animated in this Internet version).

Air Lift Pump
Archimedes Screw
Archimedes Snail
Ball Piston Pump*
Bent-Axis Piston Pump*
Bilge Pump, Hand-Operated
Bucket Pump
Crescent Pump*
Ctesibian Pump
Cylindrical Energy Module (tm)*
Diaphragm Pump*
Discflo (tm) Pump
Double Diaphragm Pump*
Drum-Mate (tm) Drum Pump
Duplex Pump*
Dutch Pumps*
Ericsson Hot Air Pump*
Finger Pump*
Fish Tank Diaphragm Pump
Force Pump, Double Acting*
Gear Pump*
Gear Pump, Balanced
Gear Pump, 2-lobe
Gear Pump, 3-Lobe*

Gear Pump, Reversing
Global Pump (tm)
Gravi-Chek (tm) Pump
Hand Pump*
Impeller Mechanism, Basic*
Impeller, Single Lobe
Impeller Mechanism, 2-Lobe
Impeller Diffuser Pump
Impeller Diffuser, Multi-Stage
Infusion Pump
Jet Pump (Wells)*
Lift Disk Pump
Lift Pump
Magnetic Flux Pump
Newby's Minimum Fluid
       Technique Pump
Peristaltic Pump*
Piston Pump*
Progressive Cavity Pump
Propeller Pump
Pulser Pump
Pumper Truck
Quimby Screw Pump
Radial Piston Pump*
Rag Pump
Ram Pump
Recessive Spiral Pump
Rotary Cam Pump
Scoopwheel Pump
Screw Pump
Simplex Pump*
Sling Pump
Spiral Pump
Squeeze Bulb
Star Pump*
Sucker Rod Pump
Swash Plate Piston Pump*
Tesla Turbine Pump
Tire Pump
Turbine Pump
Tympanum Drum
Vacuum Pump
Vane Pump
Volute Pump
Watergun, Super Soaker (tm)
Wobble Plate Piston Pump*
Wolfhart Principle Pump*

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Other Internet sources for pump information:

Fluid Power Journal

Fluid Power Journal is the official publication of the Fluid Power Society. Their web site includes many sources for more information.

Hydraulic Institute

A non-profit industry (trade) association established in 1917. HI and its members are "dedicated to excellence in the engineering, manufacture, and application of pumping equipment. The Institute has a leading role in the development of pump standards in North America and worldwide."


Sponsored by Lifewater Canada, a Federally incorporated (Canada) non-profit charitable organization. Lifewater volunteers build pumps in poor communities around the world. Their web site contains information about a variety of low-cost, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-build, human-powered, solar-powered and animal-powered pumps. While most of them fall into one or two broad categories (lift pumps, ram pumps, etc.), YES, they describe some pumps I don't have in this glossary (at least, not yet)! A valuable resource, with links to pump manufacturers and descriptive information for building pumps. They have been operational since 1994.

Flow Control Network

Flow Control Network -- A powerful source of fluid handling product and application information for engineers. Includes searchable database of more than 1,000 companies and more than 450 product categories. All back issues of Flow Control magazine are available online and keyword searchable! More than 20,000 registered fluid handling professionals utilize the Flow Control Network web site.

Pumpbiz.Com is a pump distributor (over 9000 pumps!) and also contains a pump selection program for automated help in choosing a pump.

Pump Zone

Sponsored by Pumps & Systems Magazine. Includes additional Internet pump connections and has an enormous amount of pump-related material as well. (J. Robert Krebs reviewed ALL ABOUT PUMPS and THE HEART, THE ENGINE OF LIFE in the March, 1996 issue of the printed version of Pumps & Systems.)


KEOHPS -- Knowledge Engineering on Hydraulics and Pneumatic Systems. The project originated out of a work intitled "Artificial Intelligence Applied to Fluid Power Design- An Integrating Approach". This site is available in both English and Portuguese.

PUMP-FLO.COM is "the global pump selection portal". is a FREE service to all users.


Pumps and Processes magazine is "devoted to the needs of the mechanics, operators and engineers who work with pumps". At their web site you can learn about the magazine, view articles from their current issue, apply for a subscription, contact their staff, etc..


As described at their web site, "The mission of NGWA is to enhance the skills and credibility of all ground water professionals, develop and exchange industry knowledge and promote the ground water industry and understanding of ground water resources."


A dynamic search engine of pump manufacturers and distributors. Connect with suppliers, get free quotes. PumpScout also offers a network of pump educational material. Read expert tips from leading pump professionals.


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