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Cylindrical Energy Module

CEM or Cylindrical Energy Module is a fascinating, simple new pump/compressor/engine invented by Eddie Paul, president of EP Industries in El Segundo, CA.

The CEM is a modification of the swash-plate pump. In the model shown, six cylinders in a rotating rotor assembly are moved back and forth via Piston Drive Pins which follow a stationary Sinusiodal Cam Track that encircles the rotor assembly.

With each revolution, each piston moves back and forth twice. The pistons are double-headed so there are 24 power strokes per revolution. There are no valves.

At each end of the pump, four stationary holes the diameter of the pistons function as intake and exhaust ports. Output volume is proportional to rotational speed, and pressure is proportional to the horsepower of the drive motor.

Mr. Paul has not even begun to figure out all the things his new pump can do, but with only seven moving parts and a virtually clog-free operation, a multitude of worldwide uses are certain to appear.

This new pump shows that even after thousands of years, there is still room for radical new ideas from inventive geniuses.

Drawings and photographs courtesy EP Industries.
(This is a 21-frame animation, originally created by the pump inventor (Eddie Paul) and converted to animated "P11" format. Next the image was reduced to 25% of the viewable size and converted to super-compressed GIF format for Internet transmission. (Note: On some Internet browsers it may be displayed much less smoothly than the CD-ROM version, where the frames are timed to a thousandth of a second and are displayed with four times more pixels.))

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