Tympanum Drum (from Internet Glossary of Pumps)
Tympanum Pump
A Tympanum is basically just a sectioned cylinder which is rotated. It has a number of pie-slice shaped chambers, each of which has an intake hole at the outer edge and an outlet hole near the center.

The outer slot or hole is on the leading edge in the direction the cylinder is rotated. When the leading edge dips into the water, the section fills and when it rises out of the water the hole is above the water line.

As the cylinder rotates the liquid sloshes to the center and empties out the center hole.

Tympanums were used in ancient Greece and have been used throughout the world for thousands of years. They might be powered by horses or humans or even by the force of a stream from which the pump takes its water.

(This is a still representation and possibly also a low-resolution image of a pump which is fully animated in the CD-ROM version of this glossary.)

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