Rotary Cam Pump (from Internet Glossary of Pumps)
Rotary Cam Pump
Rotary Cam Pumps come in many variations. This animation is also called a Cochrane Rotary Pump. It is not in use now and is mainly of historical curiosity.

In this model the intake is the lower tube on the right and the outlet is at the top. The piston slide arm moves around inside a slot in the casing.

As an eccentric cam rotates the circular plunger (shown in gray) around the edge of the casing, fluid is swirled around the edge to the outlet port.

One variation of this type of pump is the Kinney Rotating Plunger Pump which ejects the fluid through a hollow in the slide pin and a discharge port on the discharge side of the pump.

(This is a still representation and possibly also a low-resolution image of a pump which is fully animated in the CD-ROM version of this glossary.)

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