Drum-Mate Drum Pump (from Internet Glossary of Pumps)
Drum-Mate Drum Pump
Sometimes the best pumping solution is not exactly a "pump" in the traditional sense of the word. The Drum-Mate drum pump is used to pump liquids from standard 55-gallon drums by regulating air flow into the pump from any compressed air source. Pumps of this type are sometimes called "Fluid Displacement Pumps".

There are no moving parts while removing liquid from a drum. Simply turn the rotating control head, and flow will start.

The pump can dispense up to 16 GPM (60 LPM), up to 250 centipoise, 50 SAE, 1200 SSU. It pressurizes the pump to 7.5 PSI from air inlet pressure up to 150 PSI. A built-in safety valve limits pressurization.

Photo and diagram courtesy Drum-Mates, Inc.

The Drum-Mate drum pump is made of 100% polypropylene plastic. It's made for use with nonflammable liquids, and can be an inexpensive solution for drum dispensing any nonflammable liquid compatible with polypropylene.

Air is regulated from 7.5 to 150 PSI by a venting valve. A pressure control regulator is available to minimize air wastage.

Operating Position #1 allows pressurized air into the drum.

Operating Position #2 allows the pressure to be "locked" into the pump (by adding force from a second spring to the relief valve). This way the operator can disengage the air pressure line from the pump, move the drum to a different location, and then dispense the liquid (by rotating the cap past Operating Position #1 to Operating Position #3).

Operating Position #4 is the "on" position when connected to a compressor or air tank. In this position, the air is constantly replaced and the pressure remains at 7.5 PSI.

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