Bilge Pump, Hand Operated (from Internet Glossary of Pumps)
Bilge Pump, Hand-Operated
Most small boats have these. Even boats with electric bilge pumps often have hand operated Bilge Pumps for emergencies, and lifeboats have them too.

A flapper valve (rubber disk) at the base of the pump keeps water from falling out when the handle is depressed.

At the same time, a sliding disk valve at the bottom of the traveling piston, is forced open by water pressure allowing water to enter the upper part of the cylinder.

On the upstroke the disk valve on the piston is forced closed (down) and water is forced up and out the top. At the same time the flapper valve opens and the decreased pressure in the lower part of the cylinder sucks water in from the bilge.

(This is a still representation and possibly also a low-resolution image of a pump which is fully animated in the CD-ROM version of this glossary.)

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