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Jet Pump
A Jet Pump is a type of impeller-diffuser pump that is used to draw water from wells into residences. It can be used for both shallow (25 feet or less) and deep wells (up to about 200 feet.)

Shown here is the underwater part of a deep well jet pump. Above the surface is a standard impeller-diffuser type pump. The output of the diffuser is split, and half to three-fourths of the water is sent back down the well through the Pressure Pipe (shown on the right here).

At the end of the pressure pipe the water is accelerated through a cone-shaped nozzle at the end of the pressure pipe, shown here within a red cutaway section. Then the water goes through a Venturi in the Suction Pipe (the pipe on the left).

The venturi has two parts: the Venturi Throat, which is the pinched section of the suction tube; and above that is the venturi itself which is the part where the tube widens and connects to the suction pipe.

The venturi speeds up the water causing a pressure drop which sucks in more water through the intake at the very base of the unit. The water goes up the Suction Pipe and through the impeller -- most of it for another trip around to the venturi.

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