What you can do: Write your congresspersons. Create your own web site. Tell your friends about this web site. Complain Complain Complain until we get ALL THE KNUCKLEHEAD NUKES SHUT DOWN FOREVER!

Contact President George Bush:


Also, tell your state representatives, your local media, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your workmates, your classmates, your gymmates, your spouse, your children. Ask them if they are ready to help STOP THE LIE.


It's never too late to admit you've made a mistake.

Luckily (and that's ALL it is!), we haven' t had a Chernobyl-type catastrophe in America. But we've have a million little spills which add up to the same thing, AND our nuclear power plants are vulnerable to catastrophic failure at any moment: From terrorism, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, asteroids, fires, floods, falling airplanes and spaceships, sleepy workers, inaccurate manuals, and a million other things.

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