Nuclear War: Like all wars, nuclear war is "politics by violent measures".

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with nuclear weapons in 1945, the U. S. Government suppressed the truth about the horror that had occurred.

Seven years later (in 1952), the photos shown on this web page were released. Thousands of other photos had been confiscated and were later destroyed, or misplaced, or they simply deteriorated because of the poor quality of the chemicals available in Japan immediately after the war.

This web page is presented in honor of all the dead from radiation -- THE DEMON HOT ATOM.

-- All images on this web page are from: Life Magazine, September, 29th, 1952 (colorization by this author).

Why is this woman smiling?

Because she just survived a NUCLEAR ATTACK. Well, not quite. She survived the initial blast, that's all we know. Records of radiation's dangers were purposefully sloppy after the war, to hide the massive horror. People were poorly tracked. Stillbirths and miscarriages went unnoted. Even children as old as five years were simply wiped from the books if they didn't survive.

The above image is a close-up from the photo shown below. The smoky scene is the ruins of Hiroshima. There was an air raid siren that morning, and the young woman had stayed in the shelter after the "all clear" was given, and so she survived the initial blast, which came about 15 minutes after "all clear" had been sounded in the city.


This boy is not smiling.

He is probably doomed. The pretty young girl behind him is probably also doomed. The home guardsman pushing them is probably also doomed. We are probably also doomed.

The suckling baby shown below is probably doomed. Its mother is probably doomed. We are most probably doomed.

The next photo was taken just 10 minutes after the explosion, by Yoshito Matsushige. The film was washed in a creek near the city. Therefore, it was washed in the blood of the victims of Hiroshima. In this sense, it is very much a message from the grave.

The suffering multitudes, looking for survivors and trying to find a safe haven (image composited from two-page spread by this author)...

This three-story hospital had all its windows knocked out by the blast. The army took over the top two floors, and the lower floor was used as a shelter for surviving patients.

The most modern trauma unit at your local hospital couldn't keep this baby alive. Will YOUR children suffer the same fate? The world must never forget the horror of nuclear war. Will you?

The living envy the dead amongst the rubble of a nuclear attack.

Shown below, a young girl takes her first drink after the blast. It will also be her last drink on God's Earth. These people will die soon after this photo was shot. If we don't dismantle all the nuclear weapons in the world, this will happen again. The only difference is the photos will then be in color.

A makeshift emergency ration office, staffed by a "hastily bandaged" Hiroshima policeman, whose bicycle is seen in the foreground.

Everyone suffers from a nuclear war. Two of twelve Catholic Friars in Nagasaki died. Here are surviving friars and other Christians, praying for peace. What do YOU pray for?

Dazed boy with rice ball, face cut by glass. He could be your son, or grandson, or great great grandson, if you don't stop the nuclear horror. What did YOU do today to stop nukes? What will you do tomorrow?

Will you stand in defiance against nuclear weapons?

A lone tree stands in defiance against the Nuclear Mafia and their DEMON HOT ATOM (image composited from two-page spread by this author).

What do you need to learn, to help stop this horror? That it is unnecessary, since cleaner weapons abound anyway, and nonviolent solutions might also exist? That all over the world, people will get cancer and leukemia from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and over 1000 other nuclear blasts, for hundreds of generations to come?

Will you stand in defiance, or risk joining those whose suffering has been shown on this page?

The choice is up to you!

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