Health Effects: Death, deformities, suffering, pain.

Here is a poster of how Ionizing Radiation effects humans:

-- Above image is from: The Nuclear Fix: A Guide to Nuclear Activities in the Third World, by Thijs de la Court, Deborah Pick, & Daniel Nordquist, page 8, World Information Service on Energy (WISE), The Netherlands, 1982(colorized by this author).

Of course, you have to prove it first if you expect fair compensation, and no one can say for certain what the exact level of risk is from Low Level Radiation. Below is a graphical illustration of the unknown data:

--The above image is from: Understanding Radioactive Waste, Third Edition, by Raymond L. Murray, Batelle Press, page 23, Columbus, OH, 1989 (question marks added by this author).

Another similar graphic is shown below. Note differences in the shape of the area enclosed by the dotted lines. This is because these are not very accurate drawings, they are just graphical illustrations of the controversy about so-called "LOW LEVEL RADIATION". However, eminent researcher Dr. John W. Gofman put it this way: "Any dose is an overdose.":

-- Above image is from: Nuclear Power: Both Sides: The Best Arguments For and Against the Most Controversial Technology, Edited by Michio Kaku and Jennifer Trainer, page 30, W. W. Norton & Company, NY, 1982. (Colorized & text enlarged for clarity by this author.)

In this next version, the linear progression does not start at zero, in order to account for "background radiation". The book this graphic was found in states that the rate of spontaneous mutations from non-radiation "misadventures" (such as chemical pollution and "the random heat-jiggling of molecules, and so on") "will remain constant when the radiation dose is increased". This has not been proven.

-- Above image is from: The Ubiquitous Atom: What It Is, What It Does, and What Can Be Done With It, by Grace Marmor Spruch and Larry Spruch (Illustrations by Richard Liu), page 148, Charles Scribners and Sons, NY, 1974. (Colorized & text enlarged for clarity by this author.)

Below are known half-lives for some radionuclides in body organs.

-- Above image is from: Nuclear Power Plants as Weapons of the Enemy: An Unrecognized Military Peril, by Bennett Ramberg, page 3, Univ. of Calif. Press, California, 1984 (colorized by this author).

Although your whole body is at risk, some parts are more likely to bioaccumulate certain isotopes, as the following table illustrates:

The above image is from: Radiation Protection Manual, 3rd Edition, by Lita Lee, Ph. D., page 13, Spilman Printing, CA, 1990 (colorization by this author).

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