Subject: AREVA: America's Energy Experts?  Hardly!
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 21:27:42 -0700

From: "Russell 'Ace' Hoffman" <>

Subject: AREVA: America's Energy Experts?  Hardly!

September 25th ,2007

Dear Readers,

Who is AREVA?  If you believe the advertisement run incessantly on CNN the past few years, they are "America's Energy Experts."

This, at the same time that the United States Congress had to rename "French Fries" as "Freedom Fries" in their own cafeteria, lest this classic American Junk Food be thought of as French.

AREVA IS French!  They are a state-run company which builds and operates nuclear technology for France, which hides the costs from the people they supposedly serve, and which helped kill thousands of people a few years ago when France's nuclear power plants were forced to shut down because of a continent-wide drought, causing widespread power blackouts.

AREVA is the force behind France's notorious nuclear waste "reprocessing" facility at La Hague through their wholly-owned (thus, state-owned) subsidiary, COGEMA.  How notorious is that "reprocessing" facility?  Very:  It is responsible for fission-product pollution of the North Sea and the surrounding area.

"Reprocessing" means chemically melting down the old reactors, which are now highly "poisoned" (yes, that's a technical term) with fission products.  After melting the reactor cores, the unfissioned Uranium and Plutonium are separated out, and the most deadly fission products -- tritium (H-3), carbon-14, krypton-85 and iodine-129, for example -- are poured into the sea.  This has been going on for decades and the North Sea -- and everywhere else on the planet -- is being polluted in an unrecoverable manner.  What isn't poured is stored -- and leaked into the air, soil and groundwater.

AREVA should not be, and is not, America's energy experts!  But they sure want to be!  AREVA is currently trying to build a nuke-fuel reprocessing facility in America, which is why they run the ads on CNN.

CNN claims to be America's most trusted news source.  But why, then, do they let this foreign owned-and-operated company -- more accurately called a criminal organization -- run deceptive ads on their network?

For the money?  Not solely for the money, but that's surely a part of it.  These ads compete with the "Head-On" ads for handing the most dollars to the network.  This author believes the obnoxious Head-On ads are designed to get people to stop leaving CNN on in the background.  They are so obnoxious -- intentionally so, as anyone can see -- that no one can listen to them repeatedly.  Why would CNN allow such a thing?  Well, why would CNN allow the AREVA ads?  Why would CNN hire Glenn Beck, who belongs, at best, on FOX?

Why would CNN hire the sister of the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and have her report on nuclear topics (which they did in fact do, although after the 9-11 failures of that regulatory commission, Richard "Rich Rad" Meserve resigned, and after complaints by this author, Jeanne Meserve has tended to be assigned to other topics.)?

Controlling YOUR MIND is not easy.  It must be done in small steps, because otherwise, you'll notice -- and when Americans notice that they are being Mind-Controlled, they rebel (other countries' citizens seem to just gripe and bear it).

CNN has nearly-perfect control of the news these days.  Nobody reads the paper.  The Dan Rather-gate episode knocked CBS down ten notches.  ABC and NBC, each once almost as strong as CBS was, are now both weaklings compared to CNN.  And that leaves FOX, which is the laughing stock of the "leftists" and gives CNN something they can be called "liberal" in comparison to.

CNN is, indeed, America's most trusted news service.  Which isn't saying much.

The Internet is jammed with junk emails, so messages like THIS never get through.

To simply say "it's all a plot" would be trite.  It IS all a plot, but most of the plotters don't know what their little portion of the pie really is.  Undoubtedly, a lot of honest reporters work for CNN.  But can America afford big lies told often just to support a few good reporters?  The people at AREVA are NOT "America's Energy Experts."  They are the disaster that is France today and if we let them, they will be America's disaster tomorrow.  George Bush, despite his rhetoric against France, wants AREVA to build the GNEP project.  It's officially called the Department of Energy's Global Nuclear Energy Project but in reality, it's a 100-billion dollar windfall for France if it goes through -- which, if Americans don't wake up, it will do, and soon.

Nuclear energy is dangerous, dirty, inefficient, easily replaced with renewables, secretive, undemocratic, and VERY PROFITABLE for those who don't have to pay with cancer, leukemia, heart problems, birth defects, and other ailments.  And since no one can say for sure if YOUR CANCER was caused by AREVA or someone else's radiation in the environment -- or by radioactive polonium-210 in your cigarettes, or, possibly, by some non-radioactive source, it's EASY for AREVA to get away with murder.

But it's still murder.

AREVA:  America's newest silent killer.  Brought to you by CNN.






May, 2007

"For AREVA securing business with the United States is central to their future."

"With the launch of GNEP in 2006, a decade long effort by the French (and Japanese) plutonium industry to remove U.S. opposition was achieved."

"As French government and others studies have shown reprocessing does not solve the nuclear waste problem ­ it amplifies it."

"AREVA has performed a coup d’etat on U.S. nuclear policy."



26 June 2000

"Greenpeace installed a webcam at the end of the discharge pipe of France's nuclear reprocessing facility at La Hague, where over one million litres of liquid radioactive waste per day is dumped into the ocean. "



(FORTUNE Magazine)

May 17, 2004

"In true Gaullist fashion, the government launched a reactor-building program with little consultation. "