Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 07:19:44 -0700

From: "Russell 'Ace' Hoffman" <>
Subject: Something a hundred times worse than 9-11 is coming to a city
  near you...

May 3rd, 2007

Dear Readers,

Foreign covert operatives are trying to subvert our American democratic principles.

Their plan is to destroy our ability to resist by making us fearful, desperate, and confused.


Guess again.  That's 1950's McCarthyism paranoia, isn't it?

They intend to force vast quantities of INDESTRUCTIBLE, CAUSTIC, ACIDIC, ACTIVE, and most of all, DEADLY poison into our midst, in places that were previously PRISTINE.  RIGHT IN OUR CITIES, ALONG OUR COASTLINES, and NEAR OUR NATIONAL PARKS.  EVERYWHERE.  They plan to lay the seeds for our destruction later.

Al Qaeda?

Guess again.

Some day, these foreign operatives intend to RELEASE this poison into our environment and KILL US by the tens of thousands.  It will even be called an ACCIDENT so they can pretend to learn from it and then later, do it AGAIN.

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  No, Iran's President is making the same mistake we are making.  His reason is that he wants nuclear weapons.

So who's coming?  Who wants to kill us?  Who would do such a thing?

The answer is a French company named AREVA.  Their cover is California bill AB 719, which, although rejected 3-2 in committee a few weeks ago, LIVES.

AREVA has an American sponsor: The state representative from Fresno, California.  Fresno, an impoverished town, stands to be given at least 10 billion dollars in absolutely FREE MONEY if they will just do one thing:


Build a NEW nuclear power plant, even though there is no way to get rid of the waste.

Even though science has proven conclusively that containing nuclear waste is the hardest thing in the universe to do.  It's so hard, science doesn't KNOW how to do it.

Fortunately for California, we've had a law on the books for about 30 years, prohibiting NEW nuclear reactors.

It was a cop-out from the beginning, insofar as, OLD nuclear power plants get REBUILT from the inside out (incompletely, leaving critical, undocumented systems so old no one knows how they work).  OLD plants generate huge amounts of nuclear waste and there is no place to put the waste.

YOU CANNOT IGNORE THE WASTE.  All nuclear power plants are inefficient, dangerous, and expensive.  They are terrorists' targets and suckers' bets.

AB 719 isn't dead.  In fact, AREVA has threatened to SUE California if we don't overturn the law prohibiting new nuclear reactors!

What does AREVA plan do about the waste?  The waste that they generate back in France is reprocessed.  IT POISONS the seas and the countryside around where the reprocessing occurs.  They are criminals in their own country.

Do we want these criminals here?  It's bad enough having Southern California Edison (an Edison International Company) and Pacific Gas and Electric, the owners of San Onofre's two reactors and Diablo Canyon's two reactors.  These criminal companies have spokespeople who claim things like "I honestly believe we will find a cure for cancer" which ignores all known realities, including that "cancer" is about 10,000 different diseases, few of which we're making ANY progress on at all, and most of which are becoming MORE common.

These same pro-nuclear spokespeople claim that YUCCA MOUNTAIN is where we'll put all our nuclear waste.  But it's NOT TRUE.  Just go to Nevada and LEARN what the citizens there think of the idea.  LISTEN to their arguments against Yucca Mountain, which are plentiful:  Earthquake faults.  Transportation accidents.  Terrorism.  Land ownership rights.  Environmental racism.  Scientific reality about water seepage, heat dissipation, insect infestation, the required level of containment (how much they will be allowed to poison the local residents in the coming centuries), and the number of years "full" containment of "the blob from hell" is required.

You name it regarding the dangers of nuclear waste, and poor Nevada has suffered with having the Department of Energy claim they've solved it, only to have the scientists, economists, terrorism experts, citizens, and everyone else prove the DOE wrong again and again and again.  THAT'S why Yucca Mountain isn't moving forward very quickly -- BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!!

To skip this crucial step in the nuclear power debate, AREVA needs AB 719.  Then they can build new nuclear power plants in California without solving the waste problem, the terrorism problem, the mother nature problem, the human error problem, or any other problem.

The French are taking us for suckers.  Are we?


Ace Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA


Reservation info for 89.3 KPCC debate TONIGHT (May 3rd, 2007) at 7:00 pm in San Clemente, California regarding AB 719: