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Subject: Re: C.E.C. Docket No. 04-IEP-1J: Comments by Jack Shannon

To: California Energy Commission Dockets Unit;
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Re: Energy Report: Nuclear Power, 2005 Workshops

Date: August 13th, 2005

From: Russell D. Hoffman, Concerned Citizen, Carlsbad, CA

To The Commission,

I offer the letter below to indicate to the Commissioners the EXTREME level of corruption in the Federal agencies that the Commission trusts for facts when deciding issues related to the health and safety of Californians.

A copy of this letter will be provided in written form to the Commission as part of a complete statement for Docket No. 04-IEP-1J.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA


At 03:58 PM 8/12/2005 -0400, Jack Shannon you wrote:

Subject: Re: [NukeNet] Report from Livermore: Aug 6 and 9
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I am not new at dealing with DOE/NRC corruption, what keeps bothering me is why the public [America and others] don't see how dangerous the Nuclear Industry is.

I worked as a Reactor Physicist for the Navy Nuclear Program for 22 years before I discovered that the Prototypes used to train Sailors [high power plants] had neither containment systems [CS] or emergency core cooling systems [ECCS].
I only found out because I was made the manager of Nuclear Safety, Industrial Safety and Industrial Hygiene and had access to information and laboratory facilities previously off limits to me because I did not have a need to know.
When I did my first inspection at a site containing, at that time, four high power nuclear reactors, used to train sailors, that I discovered that none of the plants contained the CS or ECCS required on all commercial nuclear power plants. That same day, at a staff meeting, held by my manager, he stated that one of the plants "...was a disaster waiting to happen."
This disaster would have been due to the fact that this plant had had so many steam generator tubes missing or plugged that the plant could only be run at 50% of full power. I asked the question, at the meeting, what the status of the remaining 50% of the steam generator tubes was. All I heard was silence.
This was not only a criminal matter, but also a matter of extreme technical concern. As I became more involved in this site [with the four Nuclear Power Plants] I found it necessary to write a 26 page report covering a plethora of safety issues. Within a matter of days I was removed to an entry level job. Within three years I was dismissed from the laboratory on a "disability pension," without ever being told what the disability was. I was even given Social Security Pension benefits without ever having to see an S. S. Physician.
I was never given a hearing in Court and I have never been able to get a response from the two NY Senators, Hillary Clinton, and Schumer, who it seems to me would have significant concern about the clearly most unsafe nuclear power plants in the Nation to call for some kind of an investigation.
I did testify before Congress, and I did try to get an audience with than Senator John Glen.
The Navy told Glen that an investigation of this laboratory would never be permitted by the Navy.
I could carry on a long discussion of this matter, but it appears to me that Congress doesn't have a clue as to the dangers associated with nuclear power nor do they want to know. I have yet to see a Congressional Hearing about Nuclear Power [other than my ten minutes of fame]. I don't see why this subject can't be discussed at a formal Congressional Hearing so that Congress and the American public can get enough information about nuclear power to see how dangerous it really is, as well as a discussion of the amount of corruption rampant within the DOE/NRC. With these organizations in charge of nuclear power, I could not support it even if it were a safe means of producing energy.
John P. Shannon
Nuclear Engineer/Nuclear Physicist
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