March 18th, 2004

To the Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

If you read my letter to you from last week, you would have noticed a reference to asteroid impacts on nuclear power plants.

In today's news, a 100 foot diameter asteroid "nearly" impacted Earth, which would be big enough to make it through the atmosphere and then vaporize any nuclear facility.

There are over 430 commercial nuclear power plants operating in the world today and every one of them is at risk from asteroids, terrorism, human frailty, poor design, embrittlement, corrosion, and many other things.

Please note that this latest version of the document I sent you last week, titled Turf Wars with Wise Guys, is available online at the URL given below, should you choose to reconsider your decision not to publish it, in light of this new evidence of its validity (you can rest uneasy, being just that much more assured of the accuracy of the rest of the document, from this incident):


Russell Hoffman
Concerned but highly censored citizen,
Carlsbad, CA