Re: you guys suck (followup).

Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for your followup message (shown below).  I do wish Cassini was a "great thing" -- I really do!  But that's an awful lot of plutonium (mostly Pu238).  (Of course, IMHO, the nearly 5,000 Curies on MER 1 and MER 2 is too much, too.)

In any event, I hope you enjoy the rest of the web site, and feel free to write again any time.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

At 05:09 PM 1/20/2004 , "Olivier" <> wrote:

Dear sir,

My short message was meant to tell you I didn't agree with your premise on
the site. Although it could have been more educated, I didn't take the time
to read it, which I did a bit after you sent your insulting reply, which was
fair because I did the same. I'm glad that you research the matter. I was
just a bit pissed to see such a great thing, a big Cassini probe discovering
possible life on a distant planet, and the possibility of using nuclear
material for future missions being overly expensive or hardly possible
otherwise, being endangered by people being against it, based on blown up
odds of danger. I'm not saying you are one of these people now. Go on with
the educated work, such will help and not hinder NASA.


Olivier Mullink.

> January 20th, 2004
> Sir,
> Your editorial skill levels are abysmal, your language is foul, and your
> opinions are erroneous.  Your arrogance, however, is obvious.  Who do you
> work for these days, or is yours a volunteer army of one?
> -- rdh
> At 12:41 PM 1/20/2004 , "Olivier" <> wrote:
> You guys suck. It's not "stop Cassini" web site but Stop "Cassini web
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