September 11th, 2004

Subject: How to get the rat off your back...

I haven't heard anything back from Mr. Mount.

Of course, Mr. Mount is afraid of me.  He has been all along.  He's afraid I'm telling the truth about everything I've said.  He's afraid I might be right.

He's afraid of the truth.  He's never let it in before.  He's afraid to have an honest investigation of the facts.  He's even afraid of respectful debate, and so he immediately resorts to taunting, in the hope of getting his opponent to "go ballistic" in response -- lose their cool.  He's afraid of continuing the discussion, claiming he doesn't have time for this sort of thing, but he had plenty of time to write page after page of slander and lies about me when he thought he was on top.  He's afraid that we "anti-nukers" might just be right, which probably would invalidate his whole career, his life's work.  He's afraid NASA might have a screw lose, just as I've claimed.

The man is terrified, no question about it.  He has not hit "reply" to my previous letter because he's afraid he'll say something wrong.

He's afraid I might have a legal case against him, despite his previous claims that I do not.  Maybe he's finally talked to a lawyer. 

He's afraid I really do know more than he does about these very topics.  His bravado has been fake all along, and it's breaking down.  He is breaking down.  He is afraid.

And he SHOULD be afraid.  He should be afraid I've ruined his reputation for life.  He should be afraid he really is worse than the Nazis -- has killed more people.  He should be afraid he has given ME more strength because I stood up to him successfully, and would not let him denounce me, everything you stand up against successfully makes you stronger, so I am stronger for having dealt with him.

Mr. Mount is the face of evil in front of me today, but like the hundreds who came before him, he is not strong.  His pronuclear views are wrong, and society is seeing that.  He is wrong, and his verbal abuse and aggression against me was unfounded and has made him look small.

Mr. Mount is afraid, because he is so inconsequential.  He is afraid because he could not win a single point when he went up against me, and he knows that if he tries to do to any other activist what he did to me, his name will come up in a search engine, and that activist can see what kind of a s#ithole Mr. Mount will go down.

Sometimes, fear is a good thing.  Mr. Mount SHOULD be afraid of me, because I fight for what I believe in, and I won't back down.

I've added him to the "NKS" list permanently.  He might block my emails, but he cannot possibly complain to Yahoo that I am abusing him, since I am only defending my honor against his previous onslaught, which will take years to resolve.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA