January 10th, 2004

Subject: Re: Ohhh no.....OHHH YA! HAHAHAHAHAHA

To Whom It May Concern, Yahoo Abuse staff;

As per previous emails on this subject in the past 48 hours, Mr. Kenneth Mount is hiding behind your supposed promise of privacy.  But his letters, as I have shown you, are abusive and unbecoming of a netcitizen.  It is your duty to remove him from your email service and to inform me of who he really is, so far as you know.  It is not his right to decide if his abusive letters are of no legal consequence, nor is it yours to allow such traffic through your system where you provide him with the cloak of privacy he obviously believes he has, which evidently makes him fearless.  Furthermore his abuse always appears with a Yahoo! ad at the bottom (see the latest example, shown below), so Yahoo! is clearly choosing to voluntarily associate itself with him and his abusive emails.  In fact, you are actually attempting to MAKE MONEY from his abusive emails to me!  That alone makes Yahoo! a party in this affair.

Freedom of speech only works if it is not abused.  As you can read from the previous correspondences, he has used what would be termed "fighting words" in any court in the country, such as calling me "unAmerican", spewing a string of obscenities, stating what he claims is the size of my penis, etc., etc..  His freedom to abuse must stop, and that is exactly where you come in.  What he has been doing to me, he will continue to do to others, if you let him.  I have a right to know if this guy's assurances that he would LIKE to be violent towards me (see previous emails) have ever been carried out against others.  I have a right to know exactly who he is, in case he -- or any of his friends -- continue stalking me.

He now claims to be located in White Plains, New York, so I will be going to the local police on Monday to file a complaint against him and against Yahoo! as well, because, for one thing, I have no way of knowing if he is an employee of your company or not.  White Plains is a city of over 50,000 people, so I don't really have enough information to be sure I've got the right person unless Yahoo! provides confirmation.  I do know that you can prevent him from ever emailing me or anyone else from any Yahoo! address, by revoking his email privileges with you.  His excuse that he is only hitting "reply" is absolutely ludicrous.  Your excuse that you don't arbitrate these issues is equally ludicrous.  Surely there have been prior cases where you have removed people who abused others through your service.

I tried searching for a more exact address than just "White Plains" in SmartPages, Whitepages.com, Switchboard, Infospace, Anywho, and Yahoo.  None of these services could bring up such a person, (although Smartpages claimed to, for a fee, be able to produce some information on several persons in the area with the name "K. Mount", which I have not (or not yet) pursued).


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

At 10:23 AM 1/10/2004 , kenneth mount <kmount93021@yahoo.com> wrote:
I received the following e-mail from yahoo abuse

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.
Unfortunately, Yahoo! is not in a position to
arbitrate or take sides in disputes conducted through
email.If you are unable to resolve the underlying
dispute with the other party, there are a few options
that may be available to you for handling the email
you are receiving. If you use Yahoo! Mail and no
longer wish to receive email from the other party, you
may block their email address from sending new
messagesto your Inbox by using the "Block Address"
feature. For instructions,
please visit the Yahoo!

I believe the jist of their message is grow up! I do
not believe they are going to help you obtain my
personal information. Perhaps you can try the criminal
route....since the civil one is no good. After all I
did use bad language. This is the big kid room. We
wear big kid pants here and occasionaly cuss. The
Kindergarten is down the hall next to the diaper room.
I think what really cliched it for yahoo was that you
are trying to convince them that I was stalking you
with the reply button. So horses ass is apparently an
accurate description! The reply button......Yup I am
just a wacky replier arent I? If you don't want to
lose in any further verbal exchanges then don't send
me E-mail anymore and I won't reply K? Oh ya and you
should know that I believe the yahoo abuse people were
probably laughing at the turrets e-mail as hard as I
was while I typed it. BECAUSE ITS FUNNY MAN! Bye bye
googlebooty and spunkditty!
/A very satisfied and laughing ken ....

White plains,
New york!

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