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Dear writer,

Clearly, the misunderstanding is at your end, and that's why you support a murderous industry which is the darling of terrorists everywhere (because it gives them a ready-made weapon to use against us, right in our own back yard).

If/when you come to your senses and realize I'm right on this issue and you're wrong, I suggest you contact the GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE of the U.S. Government:  Ms Gary L. Jones is the head of the environmental department at the GAO.  It is HER RESPONSIBILITY to shut the nukes in America down for safety violations AND because they ARE NOT AND EVER WILL BE PROFITABLE:

"Gary L. Jones" <JonesGL1@GAO.GOV>
"Dwayne E Weigel" <WeigelD@GAO.GOV>

(Dwayne Weigel is an assistant to Ms Jones.)

Of course, if you have an actual correction to make to my web site, I'd love to see it, and I'm sure this reporter for the New York Times would also be interested:

"Ken Chang" <>


Russell Hoffman



At 07:05 AM 1/6/2004 , "Ivanna Humpalot" <> wrote:
you are a moron.  how many of you actually understand what you're talking about?



At 11:14 AM 1/6/2004 , wrote:

In addition to Nuclear Power being intrinsically unsafe, and will never be
safe, we must keep in mind the intrinsic corruption of the DOE/NRC which are the
agencies charged with overseeing Nuclear Safety in the USA.

I spent 30 years as a GE Nuclear Engineer assigned to the Nuclear Navy

There is not a more unsafe Nuclear Program in the US and not a word hits the
papers about it, a fact I did not become aware of until I became a manager
during 1982.

I wrote a report exposing the entire g0dd@mn program and got my head handed
to me. And I'd do it again.

See my web site at

If the real truth were exposed about Nuclear Power every single plant would
be closed overnight and the leaders of the DOE/NRC would be put in jail for
being the criminals that they are.
John P. Shannon
Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer