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Dear Readers,

Don't expect to see the item shown below in your local daily paper!   For such news to get out would be POISON to the nuclear industry!

If you assume there have been 6.5 million nuclear energy and weapons workers up to 1989 (probably a fairly reasonable ballpark estimate), then EACH is personally responsible for ten MURDERS.

These people are serial killers!

We MUST close the nuke plants down and dismantle the nuclear weapons.  Otherwise, millions more will die.  Bush has no more right to own or use nuclear weapons than Saddam Hussein.  Nuclear energy is uneconomic.  It is a terrorist target, and dry storage casks are NOT safer than spent fuel pools, no matter WHAT Robert Alverez and Frank von Hipple et al might say!
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Nuclear weapons and pollution linked to 65 million deaths
By Paul Waugh Deputy Political Editor
31 January 2003

Pollution from nuclear energy and weapons programmes up to 1989 will account
for 65 million deaths, according to a European scientific committee headed by
an adviser to the British Government.

Research published yesterday by the European Committee of Radiation Risk
claims that previous figures massively underestimate the nuclear industry's
impact on human life.

The ECRR is an international body of 30 independent scientists, led by Dr
Chris Busby, a member of the Government's radiation risk committee and
adviser to the Ministry of Defence on the use of depleted uranium.

The findings prompted immediate calls for the Government to rethink its
support for the nuclear industry or share responsibility for millions of
deaths worldwide.

The report came as the European Commission yesterday published two new draft
directives setting up the first EU-wide standards on nuclear power plant
safety, decommissioning and the management of radioactive waste.

The study by ECRR, which was formed in Brussels in 1998, is based on a risk
assessment model developed over the last five years, and uses evidence from
recent discoveries in radiation biology and from human epidemiology. It found
that radioactive releases up to 1989 have caused, or will eventually cause,
the death of 65 million people worldwide.

It concludes that the cancer epidemic is a result of pollution from nuclear
energy and of exposures to global atmospheric weapons fallout, which peaked
in the period 1959-63. The research cites evidence such as the levels of
breast cancer in women who were adolescent between 1957 and 1963, when
nuclear weapons testing was at its peak.

Dr Lucas said: "The fact that existing analysis could not account for the
abnormally high local levels of illnesses like childhood leukaemia was more a
reflection on the research methodology than the acclaimed safety of the
nuclear project."

Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for South-east England, said the figures gave the
nuclear debate a renewed urgency. "The Government must call an immediate
review of its support for the nuclear industry or bear moral, and potentially
legal, responsibility for this tragic and avoidable loss of human life."

The ECRR findings challenge the conventional methods of calculating risk of
the International Commission on Radiological Protection, which has been
criticised as being too close to the nuclear industry.

Scientists have fiercely debated claims that radiation causes cancer clusters
near plants such as BNFL's site at Sellafield but Ireland and Scandinavian
countries have long complained about the risk.

In Brussels, the European Commission adopted two proposals for directives
aimed at improving nuclear standards ahead of enlargement, when countries
with ailing power plants, such as the Czech Republic, enter the EU.

Britain has previously objected to the proposals and some Government
officials are concerned that EU-wide powers may interfere with Britain's
nuclear industry.

One of the directives states that nuclear safety "cannot be guaranteed
without making available adequate financial resources" and sets up rules on
the management and use of decommissioning funds.


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